Napa Valley, CA

Kitchak Cellars - A Passion for Making Great Wine

Our mission:

When we started Kitchak Cellars, we did it with a single purpose in mind: To make distinctive wines which are as good as any in the Napa Valley, indeed, as good as any in the World.

We have established a winery with only the very best equipment. Our world class vineyards are farmed with a singular goal – to get the best fruit, that which elegantly expresses our unique Napa Valley Silverado Bench Terroir, regardless of the yield.

When buying grapes from others, we buy only from the best vineyards, those with an extraordinary pedigree and a vineyard management philosophy similar to our own. In winemaking, we make the upmost effort to handle grapes gently and sort them carefully, grape by single grape.

Our wine making techniques are a careful blend of time tested ideas, modern scientific methodology and the creative art of wine making.

In our Barrel Hall ("Chai"), we use only the best oak barrels available and age the wines under ideal conditions prior to bottling. Once bottled, wines are not released until they are ready to drink.

But... all of our wines are designed to improve with age if properly stored.